Domestic Stainless Steel Sinks and Plumbing kits

Kwikot markets an extensive range of domestic stainless steel sinks from Standard (Contractor) Sinks to the up-market Classique Designer Sinks. In keeping to is quality commitment, these products are manufactured to the highest standards possible.

Sinks are available for every need, including Drop-In Sinks, Sit-On Sinks, Fabricated Sinks, Glass Sinks (featuring a glass apron with stainless steel bowls), Preparation Bowls and Wash Troughs.

Neat sink plumbing kits (pipework) and a stainless steel cleaning crème are also available, to keep all stainless products in the kitchen shiny and clean, including the kitchen sinks. The Kwikot Food Waste Disposer fits directly onto all sinks with a 90mm waste outlet.

Standard (contractors) Sinks

Combining both convenience and practicality, the Standard Sink range consists of Sit-On Sinks, Drop-In Sinks, and Wash Troughs – all available in both single and double bowls.

Kwikot also offers stainless steel Preparation Bowls, and all sinks are manufactured with 40mm waste outlet fittings. Sink accessories are available for the Drop-In Sinks. Sink plumbing kits can be used on the entire range.

Classique, Classique Plus and Classique Designer Sinks

The Classique Sink ranges marry a sense of style with functionality, for the discerning homeowner. Like the Standard Sink range, all sinks are available in both single and double bowl configurations.

Kwikot’s Classique ranges of domestic stainless steel sinks consist of up-market Drop-In Sinks, Fabricated Sinks, Glass Sinks, Preparation Bowls and Wash Troughs, all except for one, with 90mm waste outlet fittings.

This range is ideal for the installation of a Kwikot waste food disposer to the bottom of the 90mm waste outlet, making quick work of the disposal of vegetables to poultry bones.