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High Pressure Solar Systems

Kwikot is a manufacturer and supplier of solar geysers and offer an extensive range of solar water heating systems for domestic household application.

System types are available as direct and indirect variants. This means that there is a solar system for all climatic conditions, notable frost-prone and frost-free areas.

Solar water heating systems is not only about saving the environment and going green, but also about the savings made on the household electricity bill. On average, 40% of a households electricity usage is just to heat water. So just imagine how much can be saved by installing to an efficient solar systems.

Kwikot's high pressure solar water heating systems are manufactured to comply with SANS 1307, are SANS 400kPa approved, and come with the option of close coupled (thermosyphon circulation) and split (pumped circulation) systems.

NB. Kwikot is not an installer of solar water heating systems (solar geysers), but a manufacturer and supplier.

Kwiksol - Solar Water Heaters (geysers) - Coastal Areas

Coastal Areas

These direct system solar water heaters are ideal for coastal areas. Designed for a climate where the ambient temperature never falls below 5°C and frost does not form.

The direct system circulates water to be used in the household through the solar collector panels, and is heated directly by the sun.

Kwiksol - Solar Water Heater Inland & Coastal

Inland and Coastal Areas

The design of these solar water geysers allows them to be used both in areas where frost occurs and frost-free areas.

They are direct system water heaters – water in these geysers circulates through the solar vacuum tubes in order to transfer solar energy to the water.

Kwiksol - Solar Water Heater Inland Areas

Inland Areas

Kwikot’s indirect solar water heaters are designed to be used in only in those areas where frost typically forms, and where the ambient temperature falls below 5°C. This system can be used with solar collector panels or solar vacuum tubes.

The indirect system is characterised by the use of a heat exchanger to heat the water. The water itself remains in the solar geyser, heated indirectly by the heat exchange. The design of this system is such that it is not adversely effected by frost, as a heat transfer fluid in the form of Glycol is used in the heat exchanger. Glycol does not freeze.

Instruction, Installation and Warranty Manual
For information on the installation and warranty policies and periods.

Retrofit Solar System (High Pressure)

The solar retrofit conversion system is specifically designed to convert an existing installed Kwikot or any other make or brand of high pressure electric water heater with a working pressure of 400kPa or 600kPa with a storage capacity of 150lts and 200lts, into a direct solar water heating system.

The system is suitable for all climatic conditions (frost and frost free locations) and works on the pump circulation method with an array of evacuated tubes.

Kwiksol Retrofit Solar Geysers

Inland and Coastal Areas

Cistern Type Solar Systems (Low Pressure)

Kwikot's cistern type solar water heating system is for domestic households where electricity is not available or where there is limited electricity supply for lighting and/or for plug points i.e. low cost housing, farm house and staff dwellings on farms.

The system operates on solar rays and has no electricity back (element and thermostat). The system is erected on a stand and can be placed at ground level or on a roof.

Kwiksol Cistern Type Solar Water Heater

Inland and Coastal Areas